The Jaguar project for X-Plane has been a long time in the making. The overall aim is to realistically simulate the Sepecat Jaguar aircraft in many of its guises and to a high visual quality.

I began developing this model back in 2007, and since then I have spent many hours, and a fair amount of money researching and gathering data to ensure the flight model is accurate as possible within the limitations of X-Plane.

Assistance has been sought from ex Jaguar pilots, and from current Jaguar technicians and museum restoration teams. Some very kind and skilled people have provided me with dimensions, access to a real Jaguar, and documentation to aid systems and flight modelling.

The entire flight model has been rebuilt multiple times, and the 3D model had a few iterations before good progress was made.

This blog will document the build process, and updates will be posted when decent steps are made.

This is a long term project, and it will be available to buy upon its completion.


Long Time, No Update!

It's been a looooooong time since i posted an update here.

Work has not ceased, it has just slowed down a little!

I am slowly but surely building the instruments, switches and indicators for the 3D cockpit, all in 3D, and all with the level of detail you might expect form this project!

I am also scripting a new flightmodel in Gizmo, which thus far has proved difficult, yet extremely satisfying, when it works as expected!

I'll try and post some images soon!



A small(ish) update. I have a fantastic artist doing some work on liveries for me, so here are some images of their work so far. They are all a work in progress, and weathering and dirt will be added at a later date. One of the priorities with creating these liveries has been ensuring that the paintkit makes sense, so it will not be too confusing for end users.

Base Texture

41 Squadron - Wraparound Camo

6 Squadron - Early Camo with light undersides

II (AC) Squadron - Wraparound Camo with German warning labels

Operation Granby Or Desert Pink

Royal Air Force of Oman

XZ375 - The Avid Guardian Reader

RAFO Camo Effectiveness

XZ367 - With 'White Rose' Artwork

XX741 Showing the early light undersides

XX741 Showing the early light undersides

Credit also must go to the XPlane France group for their pilot object in some of these images. I am using it temporarily until i can build my own pilot, although i must add that exceeding the quality in their model will be difficult! The cloud textures are from the SkyMaxx pro addon.

Geometry wise, work is continuing with the 3D cockpit, and i hope to be able to show previews of that soon.

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, any comments or critique are greatly appreciated.


Exterior Completion

Well, it has taken far too many hours to get here, but at last I can say that the exterior portion of one the most detailed models ever built for a flight simulator is complete.

Not only is the geometry complete, but I have textured it all and painted the relevant panel lines and rivet and screw heads.

Work is slowly progressing with the cockpit too, and stay tuned for continued development updates in that area.

For now though, here are some pictures of the model. Accurate textures will be created at a later date, and I hope for a wide range of liveries to be available. If you have any requests, now is the time to let me know!

More pictures will follow soon.



I know I said I'd be starting on the cockpit, but, I haven't! In an effort to prevent modelling burnout, I decided to have a little play with textures over the Christmas period. That led to me unwrapping and baking the afterburner section of the engine, which in turn led me to find better reference photos, which then led to me rebuilding the afterburner sections!

A lot of the 3D detail in the engine is hidden in the darkness, until the afterburner lights up. You'll have to bear with some what in this regard though, I'll come back to these and play with some nice afterburner flame effects at a later date. Images are from AC3D only at this stage.

Whilst there is a LOT of 3D detail in this afterburner section, I have also used a baking technique to add the perforations in each vapour gutter, which probably saved a few thousand vertices.

I might start on the cockpit next, but I might delay it a little further to sort out all of the external lighting. I need to experiment with translucent light lenses and also with placing and customising X-Plane lights. This will have to be done for both version 9 and 10 of course too, so a fair amount of time involved.

There is a method to my madness though, I'd like to have ALL of the exterior model finalised before doing the cockpit. Stay tuned to see which area I get to next!


Ejection Completion

I have completed the modelling and texturing of the Martin Baker Type 9 Mark 3 Ejection seat.

The last, and hardest part, was modelling the straps and buckles, and trying to keep them looking natural, and not looking like rigid parts. I think i have done fairly in that respect, but if the X-Plane rendering engine evolves to allow vertex animation in the future, these straps are definitely something i will re-visit.

With the seat complete, i can move on with modelling the 3D cockpit. Exciting times ahead!

Thanks for following!


Ejection Seat part 2

The Ejection Seat build is progressing, with the port side mechanisms having recently been completed.

The detached part is the Aircraft Portion of Personal Equipment Connector, which sits on the rear bulkhead of the cockpit. The main pilot oxygen supply, anti-g and electrical systems connect through this block, and the top part is pulled away during the ejection process.

Moving from front to rear, we have the Leg Restraint Line release control, then the Manual Separation handle, which is used to initiate manual separation of the pilot from the seat, if the automatic separation process fails. Below that is the pipe that pipes the gas from the Ejection Firing handle breech to the top of the Ejection Gun to initiate the main ejection process.

Continuing backwards, we have the Spring Clip for the Personal Survival Pack line, and the round handle behind it is the Emergency Oxygen Manual Control.

The large part is the Personal Equipment Connector, which serves as a quick attachment mechanism for the pilot oxygen, anti g, and electrical connections.

On the rear of the Seat Pan is the Emergency Oxygen bottle, which provides oxygen after ejection. Below that is the Manual Separation Breech.

Attached to the bottom of the Seat are the rocket tubes which provide the fuel to sustain the ejection and enable the seat to reach a suitable height when ejection occurs at low level or low speed.

I now have a few more bits to add the Seat Pan, the harness and straps etc, before i can model the seat cushion and back support. Then i can convert this model to the earlier Mk2 version, before getting stuck in with the cockpit build.

Thanks for following, and more updates will follow soon!


Ejection Seat part 1

I am slowly building a Martin Baker Type 9 Mk 3 ejection seat, using dimensions I gathered from the exhibit at the Duxford museum. Lots of detail, as usual, and i do plan on altering some parts to make the Mk 2 version at a later date.

I plan on scripting an accurate ejection simulation with Gizmo in the future to go with the detailed model.

To that end, does anyone have any preference or thoughts regarding a pilot model?

My current plan is to have no pilot model visible when sat in the aircraft, or sat on the seat in X-Plane, but to have a model that is shown only from external views. The one drawback to this is not being able to customise the knee board textures to add data that is relevant to your current flight. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave a comment, or email me directly. Thanks for following!


Revised Twitter Name

Due to some oddities on Twitter, i have altered my Twitter profile name to prevent spam type followers and posts.

Sorry for any inconvenience, should any of you be following me!


Refuelling Probe

I have completed modelling, animating and texturing the refuelling probe area. Not a lot to say about this, lots of detail, lots of baked parts, and, as usual, lots of hair pulled out trying to sync up flexible part animations!

Next up is the cockpit and ejection seat. Its not going to be an easy job, but it will be aided very much by the photographs and dimensions I took from the Martin Baker Mk9B exhibit at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, and by the fantastic restoration the Bentwaters Cold War Museum have performed on XX741, a Jaguar GR1A. Thanks very much to the chaps at Duxford, and even more so to Graham and Simon at RAF Bentwaters, who have assisted me greatly with dimensions and their patience!

If you are in the UK, I highly recommend a visit to both the Bentwaters Cold War Museum, and to Duxford. I cannot speak highly enough about either of them, fantastic days out!

I'll post pictures of the cockpit and ejection seat progress as often as possible. Thanks for following!


Aft Landing Gear

It looks like i forgot to post the final images of the aft landing gear assemblies!

The last two images were taken in the sim, and demonstrate the effect that X-Planes texture resolution compression can have on textures!

Air Brakes and Air Generators

A small progress update - Ambient Occlusion has now been baked to the Air Brake areas. I have also coined a new method, Rivet baking.

This is where i place an accurate number of 3d rivets on a structure, in the correct locations, and unwrap said structure with the rivets in place. I then bake Ambient Occlusion for each rivet to a new texture and overlay that on to said structures texture.

This results in 3d look rivets being painted onto the texture, and works quite well:

This method avoids the problem of stretched textured rivets and incorrectly sized blobs on the texture, and also ensures the correct lighting is applied to each rivet, based on its location.

With enough texture resolution, a normal map could be made from this process. For the areas i have used this method on so far though, i do not have enough texture resolution to implement normal maps. Perhaps the V10 model, using 4096 pixel^ textures might be large enough.

As always, click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Thanks for following!


Easter Baking!

Click the image for a full size version.

Just got to tidy a couple of things up, let the bake finish for the starboard side, and then paint a bit more detail into the texture.


Twitter Feed

Oh yes, forgot to mention, i now have a Twitter feed where i post more frequent status updates. Follow me @_Tonka_. Name removed to prevent spam...


Baking the Aft Landing Gear

Its been a while since i posted, but things have been progressing. The image below shows the initial results from the first Ambient Occlusion bake i have made on the complete aft landing gear assembly.

More pics will follow soon showing the doors, and after tidying a few things up.


Progress Update, Wing and Rear Landing Gear

Quick progress update;

The Rear Landing Gear is complete, and fully animated. I'm yet to add my customary details, but the main bulk of it and the doors are done.

The wing is also nearing completion, just a few lumps and bumps to add or complete, and maybe a bit of tidying up to do in the future. Lots of details to be seen, including all the drive rods for the control surfaces and the fittings underneath or behind the control surfaces. 

More to follow in due course!